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If you were looking for James Howe, author of over 90 books for young readers, including Bunnicula and The Misfits, you’ve come to the right place! 

If you were looking for a different James Howe, may I invite you to stick around just a little longer? I’m sure he won’t mind – whoever that other James Howe is – if you spend a little time getting acquainted with this one.

Scroll down if you want to find out what’s new – including the 40th Anniversary Edition of my most popular book! (Hint: It’s about a vegetarian vampire bunny.)

Want to find out how that popular book came to be written?  Check out “Writing Bunnicula” in the ABOUT section. In “Beyond Bunnicula” you can find out what I’ve been doing in the 40 years since! FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and IAQs (Infrequently Asked Questions) have a lot of fun stuff, including my childhood oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe.  (I still make them and they’re still delicious.)

As for those over 90 books I’ve written, they’re all there under BOOKS. You can order any of my books online. But I also want to encourage you to support your local bookstore (if you’re lucky enough to have one) and buy your books there as often as you can. And don’t forget your local library!

HOWEVER, as easy as it is to shop online and as much as I do it myself, I want to encourage you to support your local bookstore (if you’re lucky enough to have one) and buy your books there as often as you can. And don’t forget your local library!

If you’re concerned about bullying and name-calling, you’ll definitely want to check out No Name-Calling Week and The Misfits in the TEACHERS & PARENTS section.

And if you’d like to hear me sing (aw, come on), be sure to visit the MUSIC page. I’m still writing books, but I’m also writings songs these days. The MUSIC page is all about that.

I hope you’ll enjoy the time you spend here and will come back in the future for new information and updates. You can even tell all those other James Howes to drop by. 

Thanks for supporting books and the people who write them!

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What's New

Check back here for information on James Howe's upcoming books and author events


Celebrating 40 Years of My Favorite Vampire Bunny with this beautiful red (and fuzzy) special edition of Bunnicula!

I think you’ll love this anniversary edition as much as I do! It has the original text and illustrations, along with a new introduction from yours truly and tributes from Max Brallier, Holly Black, and Dav Pilkey…PLUS a gallery of images of Bunnicula over the years. To see some of them (including my daughter Zoey dressed as Bunnicula for Halloween), go to the Bunnicula page!

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Houndsley and Catina are back!

Read about best friends Houndsley and Catina as they experience summer, fall, winter, and spring in this collection of the first four books in the series, Houndsley and Catina Through the Seasons.

And meet Houndsley's adventurous cousin Wagster in the fifth book in the series, Houndsley and Catina and Cousin Wagner!

Bunnicula on TV

BUNNICULA is now a cartoon series on Boomerang and Boomerang.com! I love it! It’s funny, it’s silly, it’s just a little scary, and it’s completely off-the-wall!

This modern update is adorably gross and very consistently funny.
— Toonzone.net

To learn more about the series, visit the Bunnicula page.

Big bob, little bob

My latest picture book, Big Bob, Little Bob is the story of two boys – both named Bob – who live next door to each other. The question is: Can two very different boys who have very different ways of playing be friends?

The other question is: Which Bob do you think was based on the author? (Yes, that's me with my favorite doll, Suzy.)

Behind The Song

Music is a really important part of my life. I’ve sung since I was a kid (in school choruses, in musicals, in the shower, at the piano) and I’ve been singing with my husband Mark as part of a singer-songwriter duo called Old Dogs New Tricks for the past several years. You can read more about that in the Music section of this website. And you can read about it in Behind the Song, an absolutely terrific anthology of music-related stories and personal essays, written by 14 young adult authors and musicians. I’m excited to be one of them, and especially to be writing as an author and a musician. My piece, “How Miracles Begin,” tells the story behind the writing of Mark’s and my song “Planting Trees.” I chose that song because every time we sing it I feel in my body just how much it means to me and how important it is to share its words with others.

Do each day the thing that you love. That’s how miracles begin.

To learn more about Behind the Song, visit the book's website.

To hear “Planting Trees” and read more about it, visit the Music page.

What's in the Works

COMING IN MARCH 2020, the sixth and final book in the Houndsley and Catina series!

Click on the cover for more information about the book and how to pre-order.

And forty years on, MORE news on the Bunnicula front! Master graphic novelist Andrew Donkin (the Artemis Fowl graphic novels) and I are working together to bring Bunnicula alive in a whole new format! Look for BUNNICULA: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL EDITION in Summer 2021!

Andrew lives in London and I'm in New York, and here we are meeting for the first time last year at the offices of Simon & Schuster.

Andrew lives in London and I'm in New York, and here we are meeting for the first time last year at the offices of Simon & Schuster.


UPCOMING appearances

Chappaqua Children's Book Festival

Saturday, October 5

Bell Middle School
Chappaqua, NY

10 am - 4 pm

For more information: www.ccbfestival.org

Here I am at last year's festival with two of my favorite authors
(who also happen to be neighbors and friends):

Veera Hiranandani in the photo on the left…and Roni Schotter in the photo on the right.

Rochester Children's Book Festival


Saturday, November 2

Monroe Community College
Rochester, NY

10 am - 4 pm

For more information: www.rcbfestival.com