Can you believe it? Bunnicula was published in 1979, and now here is this fun (and fuzzy) 40th anniversary edition for old and new fans alike!

Here are a few images of Bunnicula over the years.


Getting this edition of the book ready and out has been a lot of fun. Last year we had an "almost-40" celebration of Bunnicula with a big event, complete with music, slides, and a conversation with my fellow author and friend, Roni Schotter.

And more recently, I signed 6,000 (!!) copies of the book for independent bookstore promotions and a big push by Barnes & Noble. Now I should tell you that when you're signing 6,000 copies you need to follow a few simple guidelines:

  1. Don't try to do it all in one day!

  2. Don't even think about signing your full name. The special edition signature is my initials, but I think they're pretty neatly done. I hope you'll agree!

  3. Rest your hand regularly, take breaks to move around, and drink lots of water.

  4. You'll need help. My helpers included my editor, Julia McCarthy, and a number of other valiant publishing souls who managed to keep their sense of humor even as they unloaded and reloaded box after box after box.

  5. DON'T COMPLAIN! How lucky am I to get to sign my name on my book 6,000 times?!

The Bunnicula Books

PRAISE FOR the Bunnicula Series

Scrumptiously silly.
— Publishers Weekly
Bunnicula was one funny, scary, must-read vampire bunny when he first showed up...Very scary. Very Funny.
— Jon Scieszka
A madcap tale with clever character twists and plots going hilariously awry.
— Kirkus Reviews
Jim Howe is the king! Bunnicula rules!
— Dav Pilkey
Move over, Dracula!
— The New York Times
Bunnicula is the kind of story that does not age, and in all probability, will never die. Or stay dead, anyway….
— Neil Gaiman
As a kid, I saw the classic movie Dracula and became instantly afraid of vampires. Many years later, I read the classic children’s book Bunnicula. Now—in addition to vampires—I am also afraid of bunnies. I hope you’re happy, Jim.
— Barbara Park

Bunnicula on TV

BUNNICULA is now a cartoon series on Boomerang and Boomerang.com! I love it! It’s funny, it’s silly, it’s just a little scary, and it’s completely off-the-wall!

So, okay, there are some differences from the books: The stories are set in a haunted apartment building in New Orleans, where the Monroes (now Mr. Monroe and his teenage daughter Mina) live with dog Harold, cat Chester, and vegetarian vampire Bunnicula, who has all kinds of super powers he never had before. But the series has the same wacky humor as the books and I guarantee it will make you laugh.

Check your Boomerang network schedule to see when Bunnicula is playing where you live. Another way to see all 40 episodes of Season 1 is to buy the DVD. It’s available through many online sellers, including Amazon.

You can also watch the intro theme song to the show on YouTube.

This modern update is adorably gross and very consistently funny.
— Toonzone.net
The animated BUNNICULA series is just a lot of fun—a show you can watch with your kids and laugh at, rather than watch and wonder what happened to real animation. This is what animation used to be at its best.

The Bunnicula Series

Bunnicula Ready to Read

Tales from the House of Bunnicula

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