Dew Drop Dead

Dew Drop Dead
By James Howe

Something strange is going on at the Dew Drop Inn. 
The hand-lettered wooden sign dangles from a broken, rusty chain; the lawn is overgrown; the paint is peeling; the whole place looks forlorn and abandoned. But one of the boarded-up windows of the old inn has been forced open, and Sebastian and his friends decide to investigate. 
What will they find? 
Nervously, they follow the flickering beam of Sebastian's flashlight to the only open doorway. They huddle together as the light bounces eerily off objects in the room. Then it catches something... 
There's a body on the bed! 
But by the time the terrified sleuths bring the police back to see their horrifying discovery, the body is gone! A dead body can't disappear—or can it?