It Came from Beneath the Bed!

Dear possible reader of this book, 

I want to be a writer, just like my uncle Harold, who wrote a bunch of books about our friend Bunnicula. So I wrote this story. And boy! Did I ever get into trouble! My friend Delilah stopped speaking to me because I put her in my book. Uncle Harold stopped speaking to me because I didn't put him in my book. A writer's life isn't easy! 

But back to my story: It's about how a talented and lovable (not to mention smart) wirehaired dachshund puppy named Howie saves the world from a disgusting, evil menace named...oops, that would give away the story. But trust me, this menace is disgusting and evil, all right!!! 

Uncle Harold, who is speaking to me again, says it's an exciting book, even though it has too many adjectives. 

I have no idea what he's talking about. I just hope you like the story. 

Your friend,